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Q: Can I share notes for multiple Gmail accounts?

A: Yes, it’s possible. Please refer to the instruction in this page.


Q: What platform does the extension support?

A: The extension supports Gmail classic, Gmail new UI and Google Inbox on both Chrome and Firefox.


Q: Does the extension comply to HIPAA?

A: Our extension never store your information in our server, and all notes are stored in Google Drive. Since Google Drive seems to comply to HIPAA, so theoretically Simple Gmail Notes comply to HIPAA as well. However, you should not click the ‘share’ button when using the extension regarding to HIPAA. 


Q: How do I refresh the Gmail page?

A: Please left click the address bar and press ‘Enter’ key to do a full refresh.


Q: Why I can't see the note abstract?

A: Some times the note abstract would take up to 2 seconds to appear. If the abstract does not appear after a long time, please help report a bug.


Q: Why I need to log into my Google drive again while I already opened Google drive in the browser?

A: For security reasons, the extension could not get the Google drive access from your existing browser right away. You need to explicitly grant so.


Q: How to uninstall the extension?

A: 1.type in the address bar: chrome://extensions/

     2.find the extension of ‘Simple Gmail Notes’, click the icon of trash can

     3.refresh your Gmail page


Q: Could the extension work to share notes across accounts with delegate access?

A: Yes, but you need the access (username & password) of the delegate account. By default, the Google Drive access is not included in the delegated access.


Q: I saw the message of “20 consecutive network requests detected from Simple Gmail notes, the extension would be self-disabled for 60 seconds. Error Code: oec:0;Ic:0; pnc:0; tt:18049”.

A: It’s an old safety precaution measure when the API requests are triggered too frequently. Normally, it only happens  when you browse the emails really fast. (e.g. 20 emails in 20 seconds)


Q: How do I get the debug information (for bug reporting)?

A: Please follow the instructions below:

1. click into any email inside the Gmail website, even if note is not available.

2. click the extensions icon, pin extension of ‘Simple Gmail Notes’.

3. click the icon of Simple Gmail Notes (blue envelope) in menu bar

4. click ‘Preferences’.

5. Scroll the page to bottom, and you sould see the debug information.

6. Copy and paste the information from there and send to the developer: