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Welcome to Simple Gmail Notes


Basic Usage

After first installation, please go to the Gmail page, and refresh the browser. Then click into any email, you should see a login prompt at the Simple Gmail Notes (SGN) toolbar. Click login and start writing the notes. The notes will be automated saved, and stored in your own Google Drive.


For further details about the extension, please see here.

View Notes on Mobile Phone

In order to view to the notes on mobile phone, you could click the 'share' button on the SGN toolbar, and then share the notes to Simple Mobile CRM.


For more details, please see here.


The notes could then be viewed via  Simple Mobile CRM app in App Store or Google Play, alternatively you could use the Gmail add-on in the regular Gmail app.


Learn more about  Simple Mobile CRM

Explanations for API and Data Usage

Before you logged into SGN (or after you logged out), there is NO communication between SGN and any API at all. After you logged into the extension, the extension will communicate with Google API server, in order to save the notes into your own Google Drive. The extension has NO permission to view other files in your Google Drive, it could only access the notes created by SGN.


After you logged into Simple Mobile CRM (CRM) via the 'share' button, the extension will communicate with CRM server for notes and basic email info. In any case, the raw email content (full email content and attachments) will NOT be sent to the CRM server. The communication stops when you logged out of CRM.

For further details, please check the privacy terms of Simple Gmail Notes and Simple Mobile CRM.

Bug Report

If you find any issues regarding to the extension, please feel free to contact us and send a bug report.


The extension is not for sale!


We are approached by the advertising companies on the weekly basis about selling the extension or advertisement cooperations. We know, it's very easy to put an advertisement there, and make some extra revenues immediately. But that's not going to happen any time soon because a little advertisement over each email seems to be incredibly annoying, and whole idea of the extension is to make the life a bit easier for every one 🙂